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      1. The second public announcement of the environmental impact assessment of Fuxin Dudley Chemical Co., Ltd. with an annual output of 530 tons of fine chemicals

        2022-3-23 16:10:18 Public Information

        1. Internet link to the full text of the environmental impact report for comments, and ways and means of viewing the paper report

        (1) Internet link.


        (2) Check the paper version

        You can contact the construction unit by phone, email and letter.

        2. Public Scope for Solicitation of Comments

        Citizens, legal persons and other organizations affected by the project and concerned about the construction of the project within a rectangular area with the project site as the central area and a side length of 5km.

        3. Web Link to the Public Comment Form


        4. Ways and Channels for Public Opinions

        The public are requested to express their suggestions and opinions on the construction of this project and the EIA work by sending emails, telephone calls, and letters to the construction unit.

        Office Address: No. 65, Antai Road, Yimotu Fluorine Industry Development Zone, Fuxin City, Liaoning Province

        Contact: Yang Fan

        Contact number: 0418-3812288

        E-mail: yangfan@dudleychem.com

        5. The starting and ending time of public comments

        The time limit for the public to put forward opinions and the time for publicity are 10 working days from the date of publicity.



         Fuxin Dudley Chemical Co., Ltd.

        March 22, 2022

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