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      1. The benefits of enterprise website and the trend of e-commerce development

        2011-5-6 15:40:42 Industry news

        Key points of the latest relevant information on website construction: Now it can be said that companies basically have a website. Every company has passively accepted it before and now actively creates a website. From corporate websites, image websites, promotional websites, and e-commerce websites, it can be seen that people's concepts are constantly changing. Although, I still want to talk about the benefits of website construction. According to my summary, I will give 11 points of my personal views, and I hope everyone can agree with my views.

        1. Show corporate image

        In this highly competitive digital information age, it is imperative for enterprises to establish their own websites. No matter large, medium or small enterprises, they must not be eliminated by the times. Therefore, building a website is a way for enterprises to grasp the pulse of the times and measure whether they keep up with the times. Standard. A shrewd operator understands and is good at using the most advanced media - the Internet, to establish a corporate image and publicize its products. The establishment of a website for an enterprise is an important way for an enterprise to show its strength and seek development in the corporate stage of the Internet age. Enterprises express their product information and services through concise and generous web pages with distinctive features, and timely and comprehensively understand customer feedback.

        Second. According to the requirements of the new era

        Give customers a strong impression. If a large company does not even have a website or does it very poorly, it will give customers the impression that it is not a modern company, but a too traditional company that cannot keep up with the situation. Well, the feeling to the customer is: this enterprise has advanced leadership awareness, technology is at the forefront, management is scientific and intelligent, customers feel completely different, and their trust is much higher.

        Third, more information can be stored more conveniently.

        In the past, when traditional companies wanted to promote their products, they might do it by making brochures. A brochure could have dozens of pages at best, but a website could have hundreds or thousands of pages. For example, when introducing a project, we At most one or two photos and a short text introduction can be placed on the brochure, but the background, technical difficulty, construction situation, etc. of the project can be described in detail on the website. This effect is obviously much better than that of the brochure. The cost of the method varies greatly, and everyone can understand this when they think about it;

        Fourth, it can update information more quickly

        For example, if some products of an enterprise have been upgraded, or there are new products, it would be troublesome to redesign the printed brochure according to the traditional method, but on the website, this work is very simple and can be updated in time. Modify and delete information. In addition, the company has any events, news, etc., which can also be published on the website in time, so that your customers can know the latest situation of your company at the first time;

        Fifth, can make more full use of network resources

        The Internet is a powerful tool that can easily send product or service information to every corner of the world at a low cost. All customers in the world can learn about enterprises through their websites. The Internet has connected a considerable number of netizens , enterprises, institutions and governments, and is developing towards a wider range. The Internet is developing at a geometrical speed in China, so any enterprise should not be outside the Internet;

        Sixth, the website can more quickly improve the visibility and brand of the enterprise

        After a period of Internet boom, many brands have become bigger and stronger, such as Sohu, Sina, NetEase, etc. They have used the Internet very well. I believe that developing with the help of the Internet platform is one of the first measures to improve brand value. one;

        Seventh, enhance two-way communication and tap potential customers

        True two-way communication, customers can contact immediately after seeing the company's website and have the intention of further negotiation, effectively retaining customers who have "purchasing impulse" and increasing the probability of success. In addition, customers' opinions or suggestions on the company It can also be collected through the website. The website can help companies find potential customers, but the brochures are powerless. Through search engines, website links and other means, you can spread your company's information to all parts of the world and find potential customers for you;

        Eighth, interact with customers without time and space limitations

        Enterprises build websites. There are no time and space restrictions on the website, and communication can be realized anytime and anywhere. Information consultation stations are set up on the Internet, and special personnel are on duty to provide information services. Real-time, thematic or individual information exchange channels can be established with the outside world. Open the email address on the website, so that customers can express their opinions to the company through email. Because the transmission speed of email is very fast, the company can quickly get customer information and give a timely reply. Some companies' websites are in the form of BBS or message boards. Customers, customers can give feedback, and can also see other customers' information and previous information. It can enable customers to fully and objectively understand the company and its services and products;

        Ninth, take the initiative to seize market opportunities

        Enterprise Internet access is inevitable in the development of the times. If any enterprise wants to keep up with the trend of the times, it must go online as soon as possible. In order to avoid falling behind the pace of its peers, in order not to lag behind the trend of the times, it is imperative for enterprises to build a website ;

        Tenth, improve the internal work efficiency of the enterprise

        The website can also help enterprises improve efficiency, reduce intermediate links, standardize management, and reduce management costs. Various departments within the company can use the website to enhance understanding, create a harmonious atmosphere, and ultimately improve everyone's work efficiency. Enterprises and branches, enterprises and customers, enterprises and suppliers, enterprises and the government have established an unprecedented close relationship, which has brought tangible benefits to enterprises;

        Eleventh, the development trend of e-commerce

        E-commerce is the general trend of future economic development. The goal is to realize the networking and electronicization of transaction information, such as using electronic money, opening online stores, conducting online business negotiations and signing contracts with electronic signatures, etc. Enterprises usually join the Internet. Go to an industry association website or commercial website on the Internet and become a member or network member. Publish supply and demand information on the industry association website or commercial website, obtain relevant policy and market information, and enjoy other services. From a point of view, it can reduce the intermediate links of transactions and reduce costs. The corporate website can also be expanded to become an online sales and pre-sales and after-sales consulting service center.

        See if these are dizzy, all of these must have the basis of a website, if there is no website, there is no need to talk about anything. If, as a business, you don't have a website, you're out now. Therefore, website construction is the foundation of all business construction. Website construction and promotion, with a small investment, can bring a large number of potential customers to the enterprise!

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